freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose

A word on Fonts. When you post a news story in a typical Arial font with a black background and pot leaves on your page it doesn’t seem too believable. Now that same article in Verdana on a white background gets taken a bit more seriously. But if you publish the same article in 14px Times New Roman, with a date and time of publication, well now you are going to be taken seriously. We live in the age of misinformation so these things are important. Didn’t anyone ever tell you to dress up for a job interview?

By the way Marijuana is now decriminalized in the state of California. Party at Phil’s house!!

So on Friday it was reported that CNN’s Rick Sanchez, on some radio show that no one listens to, called Jon Stewart a bigot and “inferred” that Jews run CNN and all media. The next day Rick Sanchez was fired from CNN. What’s the moral of the story? Don’t pick on Jon Stewart? Don’t criticize Jews? I guess its ok to criticize Muslims, Catholics, Conservatives, Blacks, Latinos and everyone else. But if you make comments critical of Jewish people, you lose your job on TV. Got it. I wonder if Jon Stewart is going to address this on his show on Monday? Stay tuned.

In other Jew-hating news Norway Banned testing of Isreali Nuclear submarines in their waters in protest of the Gaza blockade.

Obama supports Jon Stewart’s rally in DC.

More on abusive journalism; Fox News airs “exclusive” interview insulting Iranian President Ahmadinejad. Rupert Murdoch, as douche as he is, is Australian. So America’s “no. 1 rated cable news network” is run by an Australian, not by a Jew.

I just had to make that clear in case anyone was actually paying attention.

I don’t want America to head down a road where complaining citizens are being incarcerated. That would be bad.

Stay positive folks.