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Getting back into the swing of things

Put that cookie down!
The best advice is the hardest to take
Crush your enemies!
NYC history washed away during Bloomberg’s time as Mayor.
Who is your daddy, and what does he do?
I want to know if my dog would speak with an accent.

Prank your friends with a celeb sound board.

The bill of rights.

present future

Its snowing AGAIN in New York. Can’t really complain considering its still winter but if its still snowing in May, i’m leaving. But where to escape? (click here)

This Beer Garden Beach club in Brooklyn is on my things to do list for the spring. Looks groovy. (click here)

Mainstream Media never reports leaks in Nuclear reactors, this is all I could find (click here)

But hey, if there’s a story about zombies they are all over it. (click here)

This here is a heart warming story about Airline employees coming together to do something special. Good job!! (click here)

Reach for the stars!!! Some of the best poses from the Yoga Championship. (click here)

So Whatchu Want?

Who’s the biggest jerk in Hollywood? That’s a tall order.

An interesting list of things to give up in order to be happy. Also, beer. It makes you happy. or unhappy. i dunno.

Gun’s N Roses played the Rock n Roll of Fame without their lead singer? That is one hell of a temper tantrum.

How are newspapers going to survive The Huffington Post and Craigslist? Like everyone else, they have to adapt. This guy has the right idea.

Hey good lookin’, what’s cookin?

Famous actors and their photo doubles!!

The idea of Personal information privacy is becoming as common as a land line telephone, do you know anyone that has one? NOPE. Apple isn’t snooping around, they send Siri to snoop for them.

My newest crush. So purdy.

non-stormy news

Today in Irony – The root of most of your self pity is your parent’s “poor me” atitude, ’cause its always their fault? lol.

Groovy new Indie movies make me smile.

Rare photos of iconic bastids. Yea that’s right, I just called Ghandi a bastid!

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things to do and this guy almost blew his face off in the attempt.

Grammar mistakes and how you too can be an insufferable know-it-all.

Specialized schools are tough to get into, especially if you are Black, Hispanic or poor.

It can’t be science fiction if its real, but what happens when the police start operating drones?

Pissed off consumers now have a place to vent AND be ignored. My personal favorite is “Time Warner Cable doesn’t care”. Did you really need a post for that?

The guy on TV who “catches predators” live, was caught on video cheating on his wife. You would think of all people he knew how to be discreet.

The problem with trying to keep track of corporate criminals and bad landlords is that everything is done via proxy, i.e. a shell LLC. company, and can easily be changed. Accountability once again is a myth as long as you know how to play the system. You try putting an LLC behind bars, I double dog dare you!!

Why you shouldn’t yell “fire” on a crowded internet. The age of misinformation is upon us.

Sometimes that false information can ruin someone’s life forever.

Well its better to have a laugh than to pout and cry and wonder why. Here’s a few texts from an english bulldog. 🙂

Change the world with silliness

Apparently Mondays are not worse than any other day of the week, we are all just lazy. This is how British scientists spend all of their grant money and expect us to believe that Mondays are “unfairly singled out”. I say to thee NAY!!

This is the internet version of “pull my finger” but much much cooler.

Nancy Wake was a tough woman in WWII who fought Nazi’s, and was quoted as saying, “I don’t see why we women should just wave our men a proud goodbye and then knit them balaclavas.” They don’t make them like that anymore.

Raul Castro is willing to hold talks with the United States after 50 years without any diplomatic ties.

People always talk about downloading music hurting the artist but its actually the record company that owns the recordings and the artist only sometimes owns the song. Def Leppard is actually re-recording a bunch of their hits, probably because they are too lazy to go on tour again, but still its their songs and they should be able to cash in on it.

Do you sometimes feel your phone vibrate and take it out but it was just all in your mind? Yup, you are losing your mind.


We must guard against the acquisition of unwarranted influence, whether sought or unsought, by the military industrial complex. The potential for the disastrous rise of misplaced power exists and will persist.

it all comes around

What happens when you give teenagers phone cameras and access to the internet?

How to poop around the world. Important business!!

Nukes, wild weather, economic uncertainty have nothing on bacteria. They just mind their own business and evolve. whoops!

Legalize!!! Can you think of a better way to take the guns out of the hands of drug mobs and protect innocent bystanders?

The first Cuban Zombie Movie!!!!!!!!

Dopamine is your body’s natural “happy” drug. Here’s how to get more of it!

Poor me syndrome? Well there’s books and seminars for you to whine about.

Incredibly rare photos of the old and the dead. My favorite is Mick Jagger and James Brown. Hot TUB!!

Who doesn’t love OKcupid? Apparently you can be anyone you want to be on the interwebs.

Vanishing New York: Rock and Roll West Village staple Bleecker Bob’s if becoming a Starbucks. Yea Corporatocracy.

Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so here’s to you Google! When Microsoft of all despots starts criticizing how big you are getting you know you have a problem.


44 days, 11 countries, 1 cool video.

How to move cross country.

The newspaper of record discusses the meaningfulness of lives.

When smartphones are smarter than you: iphone app finds wife with another man. ouch. Here’s a video for that dude.

I knew a girl once that I called, “blissfully ignorant”. Apparently forgetting is key to a healthy mind.

I swear this feels like a dream I had but its actually real. Very. VERY. Cool.

The best gift, by far, for the woman in your life.

Meh. That is all.

pull my finger

Ya gotta know when to hold ’em and know when to fold ’em, and know when to call a lawyer.

South America (yes the continent) might just be the next super power if they keep locking out International corporations. It’s not like they need EXTRA resources. Hee hee.

Roger Ebert explains why movie attendance is down, and not just because it costs $50 to take a date to a flick.

Ben Franklin says, “Pull my finger

Team America “F#@% Yea!”

Breaking Bad, one of the BEST TV shows of ALL TIME, has a twist that I missed and argued against but I had to relent. Walter poisoned Brock.

Internet Justice League.

When people unplug from the Matrix.

Happy News. Yea, you read that right, Happy Friggin News!

The Trailer of the year that nobody is talking about!

My favorite band of all time is going into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame!!! Who do I have to schmooze to see that show?

Secret App logs your phone. Good times.

Banks arresting people for closing their accounts? WTF?

Dramatic Occupy Photos. How do we fight the media that controls the message?

How can they bootleg Disney Land?

Somebody needs to buy Anonymous a beer. or beers. or hot pockets. whatevaz.

faccio de culo sporka

Vaffanculo!! Italian curse words! Fun for the whole gang!

The most important sexual statistic. Oofa!

Music worth checking out.

The steps to hell can be paved with LOL’s!

Louis CK honors George Carlin.

Screw corporations, what happens when the media is in bed with the government? We all get screwed dude!

For shame Ron Paul, for shame.

The perfect gift for the person who has it all?

Strawberries protect the body from alcohol. sweeeet!

Gotta love the Japanese!