when will we be here?

Alcohol used to be illegal and at that time pot was totally legal, now its the reverse. These things just go in and out of fashion I guess. (link)

WTF is going on in Istanbul? Here’s a personal account. (link)

Liam Neeson hates kids. (link)

Isn’t it weird that six corporations control 90% of the media in the U.S.? That means six companies control almost everything on television, radio, cable and everything on the news. We the people are either the slumbering giants or the lost sheep heading to the slaughter. (link)

You can’t worship without an alter. (link)

I guess people don’t want to get involved because no good deed goes unpunished. 1 in a 1000 people would die from the flu. Now 1 in a 1000 die from red meat. (link)

The New England Journal of Medicine takes a look at 200 years of patterns of permanent endings. (link)

When it rains this much, Subway rats start riding the trains. (link)

The answer. (link) What’s the question?

Don’t stop till you get enough

The Honest Cable Company

Frozen Hump Day

Green Tushy

present future

Its snowing AGAIN in New York. Can’t really complain considering its still winter but if its still snowing in May, i’m leaving. But where to escape? (click here)

This Beer Garden Beach club in Brooklyn is on my things to do list for the spring. Looks groovy. (click here)

Mainstream Media never reports leaks in Nuclear reactors, this is all I could find (click here)

But hey, if there’s a story about zombies they are all over it. (click here)

This here is a heart warming story about Airline employees coming together to do something special. Good job!! (click here)

Reach for the stars!!! Some of the best poses from the Yoga Championship. (click here)

bom bom bom

My New Obsession

So Whatchu Want?

Who’s the biggest jerk in Hollywood? That’s a tall order.

An interesting list of things to give up in order to be happy. Also, beer. It makes you happy. or unhappy. i dunno.

Gun’s N Roses played the Rock n Roll of Fame without their lead singer? That is one hell of a temper tantrum.

How are newspapers going to survive The Huffington Post and Craigslist? Like everyone else, they have to adapt. This guy has the right idea.

Hey good lookin’, what’s cookin?

Famous actors and their photo doubles!!

The idea of Personal information privacy is becoming as common as a land line telephone, do you know anyone that has one? NOPE. Apple isn’t snooping around, they send Siri to snoop for them.

My newest crush. So purdy.

Spring Breaker Breaker