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it all comes around

What happens when you give teenagers phone cameras and access to the internet?

How to poop around the world. Important business!!

Nukes, wild weather, economic uncertainty have nothing on bacteria. They just mind their own business and evolve. whoops!

Legalize!!! Can you think of a better way to take the guns out of the hands of drug mobs and protect innocent bystanders?

The first Cuban Zombie Movie!!!!!!!!

Dopamine is your body’s natural “happy” drug. Here’s how to get more of it!

Poor me syndrome? Well there’s books and seminars for you to whine about.

Incredibly rare photos of the old and the dead. My favorite is Mick Jagger and James Brown. Hot TUB!!

Who doesn’t love OKcupid? Apparently you can be anyone you want to be on the interwebs.

Vanishing New York: Rock and Roll West Village staple Bleecker Bob’s if becoming a Starbucks. Yea Corporatocracy.

Power Corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely, so here’s to you Google! When Microsoft of all despots starts criticizing how big you are getting you know you have a problem.

the times are a changing

A picture is worth a thousand words. even russian words. and great pictures.

In Soviet Russia Heroin shoots YOU!!!

Dog crawls home on two broken legs for two weeks after a tornado was that a run on sentence or what?

Is it strange that Cocaine withdrawal symptoms are identical to personal finance/credit collapse symptoms? Is it all about power?


The Corporatocracy has spoken; You blow the whistle you get dead. Now go back to earning and consuming beyond your means.

EXCELLENT zombie apocalypse survival tool.

Douchebag tips to be a Doucher . . . . at a fanboy event? uh. . . .what?

This “voluntaryism” sounds severely retarded to me, but at least these kids didn’t have to go to jail just for filmming a cop. That’s even more retarded.

Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. He was a visionary and still is an American Icon. We’re gonna miss him. So is China.