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the times are a changing

A picture is worth a thousand words. even russian words. and great pictures.

In Soviet Russia Heroin shoots YOU!!!

Dog crawls home on two broken legs for two weeks after a tornado was that a run on sentence or what?

Is it strange that Cocaine withdrawal symptoms are identical to personal finance/credit collapse symptoms? Is it all about power?


The Corporatocracy has spoken; You blow the whistle you get dead. Now go back to earning and consuming beyond your means.

EXCELLENT zombie apocalypse survival tool.

Douchebag tips to be a Doucher . . . . at a fanboy event? uh. . . .what?

This “voluntaryism” sounds severely retarded to me, but at least these kids didn’t have to go to jail just for filmming a cop. That’s even more retarded.

Steve Jobs has resigned from Apple. He was a visionary and still is an American Icon. We’re gonna miss him. So is China.