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How do these guys fly for free? An AWESOME, totally legal scam, too bad the feds just caught on.

News Corp. made millions last year, but not only paid nothing in taxes, received millions in Federal returns. What recession? No wonder Fox News hates NPR.

This is a brilliant idea spreading in the Philippines; a A cheap method to bring light to the poor!!

Acid architecture for the sober masses. HT to GL!

Good news peeps, Louisiana decriminalizes anal and oral sex! Party on!!

Its not the dog in the fight its the fight in the dog, or in this case bird and . . . tiger?

This dude is cool.

” an assertion by FOX News that there is no rule against distorting or falsifying the news in the United States.” LOVE IT!

Warren Buffet could end the deficit. Actually the only sitting American President to have no deficit was Andrew Jackson. He eliminated the National Bank and poof! No debt. So who’s got the cojones to take down Goldman Sachs? Nobody, they own you!

Decriminalization of drugs in Portugal has all but eliminated drug addiction. Salud!

Quitting smoking
is harder than quitting heroin. Wish me luck! (quitting smoking)