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Shake your money maker

Being educated doesn’t mean you have class, even snobs can be ghetto they just don’t realize it.

Why did the movie industry thrive on the west coast when so much of the talent was on the east coast? They were trying to get out of paying royalties to Thomas Edison’s motion picture patents!!

Is there life out there? You need water and oxygen to have life. Well this star is shooting massive jets of water into space. Stick THAT in your pipe and smoke it!

So a proctologist walks into a bank, and he has to endorse a check. He reaches into his pocket, but pulls out a rectal thermometer instead. He looks at it, and goes “some asshole has my pen!”. More here. . .

Vote early and vote often, FOR THIS GUY!!!!! WINNING!!!!!!!!

The identity of the famous Vancouver kissing couple is. . . . half ozzie?

Legend has it that when Robert Johnson was learning how to play the blues he met up with the devil at the crossroads and the devil tuned his guitar for him, played a few tunes and gave it back to him. After that Mr. Johnson could play the blues like nobody’s business. He sold his soul to play the blues, but so many have sold their soul for less.

THESE guys really know how to party.

“Why do you keep pooping on the floor right outside your litterbox?”
“because f*%k you, that’s why”

How to do things faster
. You’re welcome.